Thanks for visiting us. If you have been through a breakup we are here to help, as we have been through it all so we can share our experience with you through songs, helpful video’s news and music to relax.

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Songs, Original & Animated

Sunday Morning original Song

Happy sad song with rap, dream about Sunday morning in bed.

Original Steampunk Animation song!

Today is just like any other day! In an amazing animated steampunk

Leave me Alone - Angry sad song

When you just want the relationship to be over, and it just never ends!

Toxic Memories original sad song

Did this happen to you? Sick of closed door can't take it anymore?

Sad Goodbye breakup song

This is not a sad goodbye or is it. Sad song with guitar.

Love me no more - sad song

Why do we need the one person we can't have?

Breakup what to do.....

My Ex left me - What now?

Your ex left you, do you want them back? Your part of a break up you had no say in. You still love them, but they may love someone else?

Revenge Porn are you online?

Are you a victim o of Revenge Porn, do you even know? Watch to find out how to check, what to do if you find out and how to remove the offending video's or images

Cheated on - This happened to me

Have you been Cheated on? did they have an Affair? what do you do now? I have lived through it and survived, grown stronger, we can help

Parental Alienation - What are the signs?

The alienating parent is a master manipulator and their aim is to limit or all together stop the time the child spends with the other parent.

Narcissist – 3 signs you need to look for!

What is a narcissist, what can you do and are they worse after a breakup? WORLD NARCISSISTIC ABUSE AWARENESS DAY 1 JUNE 2021​

4 signs to look out for!

Is gaslighting effecting your breakup? or relationship? What warning signs do you look for? This is emotional abuse, watch this video to find out more…​

Save money and move on

Chart your Family tree for Professionals

Save money when seeing counsellors, lawyers, mediator, family therapists or to getting a family report. Free to download a family tree including a blended family change how you wish to suit your family.

Free Family Tree

Parenting Course- Be a better parent!

A parenting course will help you look good if you are going through the court system, and you will learn lessons along the way. You will also learn tricks to beat the systems watch now.

Family Mediation - Save $$$!

Mediation is not for everyone but you should watch this video before you rush to court without considering mediation.

Popular Videos

Miss my kids!

Another weekend without the kids, looking back to all the great times.
This is for all the dads that spend too many weekends alone... thinking of you.

Breakup News Simon Baker’s marriage has ended!

Baker in a statement said “We remain close friends and our three children will always be the most important focus of our lives,”​

Interesting look at your marriage vows?

Separation, divorce and end of a marriage from both sides, done with animation in a street scape and life like animated male and female characters.​

Breakup News Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodiguez Split!

The couple say they are better off as friends, they call off their two year engagement.